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Publications of Prof. Dr. Sven Beuchler:

[1] S. Beuchler and K. Hofer. Additive schwarz solvers for hp-fem discretizations of pde-constrained optimzation problems. Technical report, INS, 2016. also avaiable as INS-Preprint 1625.
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[2] S. Beuchler and M. Purrucker. Schwarz type solvers for hp-FEM discretizations of mixed problems. Comput. Methods Appl. Math., 12(4):369-390, 2012. also avaiable as INS-Preprint 1108.
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[3] S. Beuchler. Inexact additive Schwarz solvers for hp-FEM discretizations in three dimensions. In Advanced finite element methods and applications, volume 66 of Lect. Notes Appl. Comput. Mech., pages 91-108. Springer, Heidelberg, 2013. also avaiable as INS Preprint 1107.
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