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AWFD - Adaptivity, Wavelets & Finite Differences

In general AWFD (Adaptivity, Wavelets & Finite Differences) is a C++ class library for wavelet based solvers for PDEs and integral equations. The software distribution comes with a number of examples and a complete documentation and user guide.

AWFD Features

The main features of AWFD are:
  • Petrov-Galerkin discretizations of linear and non-linear elliptic and parabolic PDE (scalar as well as systems)
  • Adaptive sparse grid strategy for a higher order interpolet multiscale basis
  • Adaptivity control via thresholding of wavelet coefficients
  • Multilevel lifting-preconditioner for linear systems
  • Neumann and Dirichlet boundary conditions
The software distribution includes:
  1. MATLAB functions for the generation of wavelet filter masks
  2. Data structures for uniform, level-adaptive and fully adaptive trial spaces (i.e. grids)
  3. Algorithms for the initialization and refinement of adaptive grids
  4. Algorithms for (adaptive) wavelet transforms, finite difference-/collocation-/Galerkin-discretizations
  5. Linear Algebra
  6. Solvers / preconditioners
  7. IO functions with interfaces to e.g. MATLAB and VTK
The current release is: v0.95.


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