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Staff Johannes Rentrop, M.Sc.

Contact Information

Institut für Numerische Simulation
Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 7
53115 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 73-69815
Office: FHA7 3.007
E-Mail: ed tod nnob-inu tod sni ta portnera tod b@foo tod de


Summer semester 2022

  • Graduate Seminar on Numerical Simulation SLAM - Simultaneous localization and mapping from a numerical point of view Graduate seminar, module S4E2.
  • Oberseminar Numerische Simulation Post-graduate seminar.

Winter semester 2021/22

  • Graduate Seminar on Numerical Simulation Numerical methods for high-dimensional kinetic partial differential equations Graduate seminar, module S4E2.
  • Oberseminar Numerische Simulation Post-graduate seminar.

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Completed Research Projects

EXAHD - An Exa-Scalable Two-Level Sparse Grid Approach for Higher-Dimensional Problems in Plasma Physics and Beyond

DFG priority program 1648.



  1. A mass-conserving sparse grid combination technique with biorthogonal hierarchical basis functions for kinetic simulations. T. Pollinger, J. Rentrop, D. Pflüger, and K. Kormann. Available as INS Preprint No. 2209, 2022. BibTeX PDF arXiv
  2. EXAHD: A massively parallel fault tolerant sparse grid approach for high-dimensional turbulent plasma simulations. R. Lago, M. Obersteiner, T. Pollinger, J. Rentrop, H.-J. Bungartz, T. Dannert, M. Griebel, F. Jenko, and D. Pflüger. In H.-J. Bungartz, S. Reiz, B. Uekermann, P. Neumann, and W. E. Nagel, editors, Software for Exascale Computing - SPPEXA 2016-2019, 301–329. Cham, 2020. Springer International Publishing. Also available as INS Preprint No. 2001. BibTeX PDF DOI
  3. Periodically driven fermionic quantum systems. J. Rentrop. Master's thesis, Physikalisches Institut, Universität Bonn, 2014. BibTeX