A Parallel 3D Free Surface Flow Solver




This is a list of a few sample projects and cooperations which use NaSt3DGPF as the primary tool for numerical simulation of free surface flows. This gives you an impression of what NaSt3DGPF can do for you. If you are interested in licensing NaSt3DGPF, please contact us.
Have a look at the Gallery for additional simulation results obtained with NaSt3DGPF.
3D Benchmarks for Rising Bubbles
Cooperation with Dr. Sven GroƟ, IGPM, RWTH Aachen

Comparison of NaSt3DGPF, OpenFOAM and DROPS

Validation of flume experiments and field data
Cooperation with Research group of Prof. Dr. Herget, Department of Geography
Simulation of a Single Droplet Accelerated and Deformed by a Uniform Gas Flow
Cooperation with European Space Agency (ESA), the Netherlands


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