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Publications of Prof. Dr. André Uschmajew:

[1] S. Hosseini, D. R. Luke, and A. Uschmajew. Tangent and normal cones for low-rank matrices. Oct. 2017. INS Preprint No. 1715.
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[2] I. V. Oseledets, M. V. Rakhuba, and A. Uschmajew. Alternating least squares as moving subspace correction. Sept. 2017. INS Preprint No. 1712.
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[3] Z. Li, Y. Nakatsukasa, T. Soma, and A. Uschmajew. On orthogonal tensors and best rank-one approximation ratio. July 2017. INS Preprint No. 1707.
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[4] S. Hosseini and A. Uschmajew. A gradient sampling method on algebraic varieties and application to nonsmooth low-rank optimization. Oct. 2016. INS Preprint No. 1624. Extended and revised version, March 2017.
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[5] W. Hackbusch, D. Kressner, and A. Uschmajew. Perturbation of higher-order singular values. SIAM J. Appl. Algebra Geom., 1(1):374-387, 2017. INS Preprint No. 1616.
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[6] W. Hackbusch and A. Uschmajew. On the interconnection between the higher-order singular values of real tensors. Numer. Math., 135(3):875-894, 2017. INS Preprint No. 1520.
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[7] Y. Nakatsukasa, T. Soma, and A. Uschmajew. Finding a low-rank basis in a matrix subspace. Math. Program., 162(1-2, Ser. A):325-361, 2017. INS Preprint No. 1505.
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