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INS preprints of Research group of Prof. Dr. Jochen Garcke

[1] J. Garcke and I. Kalmykov. Efficient higher order time discretization schemes for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations based on diagonally implicit symplectic Runge-Kutta methods. 2017. INS Preprint No. 1710.
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[2] R. Iza-Teran and J. Garcke. Operator based multi-scale analysis of simulation bundles. 2015. Submitted, also available as INS Preprint No. 1524.
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[3] J. Garcke and A. Kröner. Suboptimal Feedback Control of PDEs by Solving HJB Equations on Adaptive Sparse Grids. Journal of Scientific Computing, 70(1):1-28, 2017. also available as INS Preprint No. 1518.
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[4] O. Bokanowski, J. Garcke, M. Griebel, and I. Klompmaker. An adaptive sparse grid semi-Lagrangian scheme for first order Hamilton-Jacobi Bellman equations. Journal of Scientific Computing, 55(3):575-605, 2013. also available as INS Preprint No. 1207.
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[5] J. Garcke, T. Gerstner, and M. Griebel. Intraday foreign exchange rate forecasting using sparse grids. In J. Garcke and M. Griebel, editors, Sparse grids and applications, volume 88 of Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, pages 81-105. Springer, 2013. also available as INS Preprint No. 1006.
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