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This is a computer code for the solution of the 2D, incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. Basic features are

  • Chorin’s projection method for momentum/continuity decoupling
  • Staggered mesh for spatial discretization
  • Explicit Euler scheme for time discretization
  • Blending of first order upwind and second order central discretization for convective terms
  • SOR iterative solver
  • Can handle very complicated geometries by a simple cell decomposition/enumeration technique


Download sources:

  • NaSt2D.tgz : C version of the code
  • nast2df90 : F90 version of the code, kindly provided by David Pruett.
  • Gordon Cichon wrote an interactive wrapper for an older version of NaSt2D with a nice graphical interface runing under LINUX.