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Student Prizes

Starting 2010, the Institute for Numerical Simulation (INS) announces the following prizes once a year:

Ada Lovelace-Prize for the best outstanding

  • bachelor thesis (endowed with 500€)
  • master/diploma thesis (endowed with 1000€)
  • doctoral thesis (endowed with 2000€)

of a female student in the area Numerical Mathematics at the University of Bonn.

Terms and Conditions

  • Candidates have to be nominated by their thesis advisor.
  • The first advisor of the thesis has to be professor at the INS.
  • The nomination, including the thesis, has to be submitted to the acting director of the INS until the end of the summer semester, i.e. until September 30.
  • The thesis has to be written at the University of Bonn. It must have been submitted and graded in the year before the end of each summer semester, i.e. between October 1 and September 30 of the following year.
  • The awardees are selected by the board of directors of the INS.

See the press report.

Awards 2023

  • Vera Weber: “On aspects of discretization strategies with applications in imaging”

Picture Press Report

Awards 2022

  • Karen Petersen: “Adaptive finite element methods for the Jones eigenvalue problem”
  • Celina Teke: “Finite Volumen für die Wärmeleitungsgleichung”

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Awards 2021

  • Uta Seidler: “Sparse Grid Methods for High-dimensional Problems in Uncertainty Quantification”

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Awards 2019

  • Vera Weber: “Optimale Steuerung der Wärmeleitungsgleichung mit punktweisen Nebenbedingungen”
  • Karen Fischhuber: “An adaptive Sparse Grid Approach for Many-Body Systems”

Picture (© Ralph Thesen) Press Report

Awards 2018

  • Andrea Cremer: “Maschinelles Lernen und adaptive Methoden für Differentialgleichungen”

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Awards 2017

  • Clelia Albrecht: “Parallelization of Adaptive Gradient Augmented Level Set Methods”.

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Awards 2016

  • Nora Lüthen: “Numerical Shape Optimization of Branching-Periodic Elastic Structures”.
  • Sara Hahner : “Untersuchung einer inversen Abbildung zu nichtlinearen Dimensionsreduktionen mit Anwendung auf Simulationsdaten”.

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Awards 2015

  • Sonja Mathias: “A Kernel-based Learning Method for an Efficient Approximation of the High-Dimensional Born-Oppenheimer Potential Energy Hypersurface”.
  • Dr. Margrit Klitz: “Numerical Simulation of Droplets with Dynamic Contact Angles”.

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Awards 2014

  • Christina Klupsch: “Elektrostatische Berechnungen auf Chlorophyllmolekuelen”.

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Awards 2013

  • Anna-Luisa Schwartz: “Diffusion Maps und ihre Anwendung bei der Analyse von Automobildaten”.

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Awards 2012

  • Dr. Mirjam Walloth: “Adaptive Numerical Simulation of Contact Problems: Resolving Local Effects at the Contact Boundary in Space and Time”.

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Awards 2011

  • Christina Peuker: “Numerische Erzeugung von Wasserwellen zur Analyse von Wellenkraftwerken”
  • Dr. Jutta Steiner: “The Formation of the Concertina Pattern: Experiments, Analysis, and Numerical Simulations”

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Awards 2010

  • Katrin Almon and Barbara Fuchs: “Approximation von Tensoren”

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