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Research Group of Prof. Dr. Carsten Burstedde

Contact Information

Institut für Numerische Simulation
Endenicher Allee 19b
53115 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 73-69836
Office: EA19b 3.033
E-Mail: ed tod nnob-inu tod sni ta eddetsruba tod b@foo tod de

Teaching during Summer Semester 2020

The state government has moved the beginning of the semester to April 20th, 2020. We may not have lectures at scheduled times before that date. However, it is possible to provide optional reading material. Material will be provided by eCampus.

In addition, pentecost week is designated as lecture time.

  • For my Special Topics lecture, we will begin on April 20th, presumably using video streaming or prefab videos. All files will be linked in eCampus. To get registered, please email or paper mail me as soon as possible with your name and matriculation number. This is not the same as registerung for the exams: Material access does not imply you will have any exams scheduled. Since pentecost Monday is a national holiday, there will be no lecture in pentecost week.

  • My Seminar S1G1 is scheduled for Tuesdays. We had scheduled our second Vorbesprechung for Tuesday April 7th. I will provide further instructions here about (a) whether we will move it backward by a week and (b) how we will technically conduct the meeting. As for the lecture above, please send me your name and matriculation number and your assigned talk topic for confirmation, if we had agreed on it before. I will register you in eCampus. Again, this is not the same as registering for the seminar in Basis.

Upcoming Dates

  • My talk to high-school pupils on Mathematics in Electronic Music, originally scheduled for April 23rd, 2020, has been cancelled. I’m thinking to replace it with a streamed concert on that day and will update this page accordingly. We’re trying to find a date for the original event in 2021.
  • We are organizing a p4est summer school during July 20–24, 2020 in Bonn. Please see our poster and the web page. Updates regarding the Corona pandemic will follow.



I am developing numerical techniques for accurate and efficient computer simulations. A particular focus is on scalable algorithms that run on the largest supercomputers worldwide. A cornerstone of this research is the p4est software that I am lead-authoring.

Some geophysical applications are listed below.

  • Thermal convection (a.k.a. plate tectonics)
  • Seismic wave propagation (a.k.a. earthquakes)
  • Hyperbolic conservation laws (a.k.a. atmospheric flow)

The mathematical methods considered relate to the following fields.

  • Scientific computing and applied mathematics
  • Large scale parallel numerical solution of PDEs
  • Scalable algorithms for adaptive mesh refinement

Please see more details on my research pages. Check out my profile on Google Scholar and on the arXiv.


Here are some recent student evaluations for my lectures (with MD5 checksums):

  • V5E3 14493bba7cb6125e4137d2c6c4091aa6
  • V5E2 362ade7551efc6373cde359a98bc2ada
  • V5E1 cfafef9f46a52a31dbe6f9dcb02b953b
  • V4E2 8df7247bef61e23a8c92935be5f3ff3f
  • V4E1 7cfc6f8315cde809141670a116e2a792
  • V3E2 1c8cb3e0efe780b843786b817e63c960
  • V3E1 6fc16e03017546eb94d8f2ce18eb3dfb
  • V2E2 a2f42b64b82e0ef1ca3b896854a9026b
  • V2E1 60dc0eca130e5c59cb21814314eefa79

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. Occasionally I will post documents here.


Summer semester 2020

Winter semester 2019/20

See teaching activities of the whole group.

Current Research Projects

High resolution parallel simulation of variably saturated flow with adaptive mesh refinement

Project D8, TR 32.


Scalable algorithms for forest-of-octrees AMR

The p4est software.


Simulation of atmospheric flow and volcanic ash transport

The forestclaw project.


See all projects of the group.


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