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Project Atmospheric and Ionospheric Responses to Wave Signals


The main aim of the project is to perform accurate measurements and simulations of higher atmospheric pressure waves and molecular/atomic particle transport. In a large collaboration led by the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), USA, we investigate acoustic waves and acoustic-gravity waves that cause disturbances across the layers of the earth’s atmosphere. The outcome of this research has various real-life applications like detecting remote earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The underlying physics are formulated using grid/mesh based numerical methods involving Finite Volumes and Finite Elements, where the size of the mesh dictates the accuracy of the computer simulation. The automatic sizing of the mesh during transient flow physics becomes a challenge, in particular in high performance computing, capturing the intricate details of nonlinear wave dynamics. Hence, further research and development of adaptive mesh refinement algorithms is important in this context.

In this fundamental research project we work on the development of new adaptive mesh refinement algorithms that can support high local accuracy and parallel scalability across different software packages and operating systems.

(Project image courtesy of Jonathan B. Snively, ERAU, USA.)