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Graduate Seminar on Scientific Computing

Recently there has been a lot of interest in the systematic study of discrete function spaces and their properties. In this seminar we will discuss the classification of various finite element spaces in the language of discrete exterior calculus. We will see that many well known finite element families arise as special cases. We will work with the Acta Numerica article by Arnold, Falk, and Winther (2006). See also this summary page on finite element classification.

Basic knowledge standard and mixed finite element methods for elliptic PDEs and saddle point systems will be advantageous.

The seminar takes place on Mondays at 3:00pm c.t. in room 5.002, Wegelerstr. 6.

18.05.15CA Exterior algebra and exterior calculus
01.06.15CS Polynomial differential forms and the Koszul complex
08.06.15JK Polynomial differential forms on a simplex
15.06.15 Discussion
22.06.15NR Finite element differential forms and their cohomology
29.06.15SB The Hodge Laplacian
06.07.15 Discussion