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Graduate Seminar in summer term 2016:

S4E1 – Numerical simulations of waves

Prof. Dr. Daniel Peterseim

Assistant: Dr. Mira Schedensack

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Requirements: Basic knowledge in partial differential equations and their discretisations.


Waves play an important role in natural sciences, as they arise in the propagation of light and sound, in the interplay of electric and magnetic fields, or in the evolution of particles. This seminar discusses numerical methods for the wave equation for acoustic waves for the time-dependent and the time-harmonic case, for Maxwell's equations for electromagnetic waves, and for Schrödinger's equation of quantum mechanics. Particular problems of numerical methods for waves include dispersion or stability. Furthermore, conservation properties of solutions to the above mentioned problems should be preserved in numerical approximations.

This seminar introduces discretisations for those problems, which should be illustrated in simple numerical examples.

The seminar will be based mainly on selected journal articles. Students interested in the seminar might contact M. Schedensack in advance to register.

Date:Monday, 14(c.t.)–16, Wegelerstr. 6, SR 5.002
First seminar meeting: Monday, April 11th, 14(c.t.)–16, Wegelerstr. 6, SR 5.002.