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This is an archived course. The content might be broken.

Time: Tuesday, 12 - 14 pm (t.b.d)
Room: Wegelerstr. 6, 5.002

Seminar topics may include theoretical and numerical aspects related to inverse problems and optimal control of partial differential equations, as well as optimal experimental design.

If you are interested in the seminar please contact Prof. Dr. I. Neitzel also before the first seminar meeting.

First seminar meeting: Thursday, March 16th, 1:00 pm, room 6.020 Wegelerstr. 6
Time:Seminar times and order of the talks will be fixed at the beginning of the semester.
Seminar talk: The topic has to be presented in an approximately 60 minutes beamer or blackboard talk, leaving suitable time for questions and discussion. Since most talks will be based on comprehensive original papers, the main ideas, results, algorithms and ideas of proofs, respectively, have to be presented.
Handout: A short handout has to be prepared and provided to the audience. Pleasefinish this handout and arrange a meeting with Prof. Neitzel at least two weaks before your scheduled talk to discuss handout and structure of your talk.
Active participationActive participation, including questions and comments, is expected.
Topics:Topics can be chosen from but are not limited to the list of papers below. Please identify up to three topics of interest to you and send them by mail to Prof. Neitzel until March 31st, 2017.
K. Bredies and H. K. Pikkarainen. Inverse problems in spaces of measures. ESAIM: COCV., 19, 2013.
K. Bredies, Barbara Kaltenbacher and E. Resmerita. The least error method for sparse solution reconstruction. Inverse Problems, 32, 2016.
C. Clason, Barbara Kaltenbacher und D. Wachsmuth. Functional error estimators for the adaptive discretization of inverse problems. Inverse Problems, 32, 2016.
M. Gugat and F. Trötzsch. Boundary feedback stabilization to a nonstationary solution for 1D Burgers equations. Automatica, 51, 2015.
A. Kröner and S. Rodrigues. Remarks on the internal stabilization to a nonstatrionary solution for 1D Burgers equations. SIAM J. Control. Optim., 53, 2015.
P. Nestler, E. Schöll and F.Trötsch. Optimization of nonlocal time-delayed feedback controllers, COAP 64, 2016.
T. Breiten and M. Stoll. A low-rank in time approach to PDE-constrained optimization. SIAM J. Scientific Comp., 2015.
R. Herzog and I. Riedel. Sequentially optimal sensor plcement in thermoelastic models for real time applications. Optimization and Engineering, 16, 2015.
A. Alexanderian, N. Petra, G. Stadler, and O. Ghattas. A fast and scalable method for a-optimal design of experiments for inifinite-dimensional Bayesian nonlinear inverse problems. SIAM J. Scientific Comp., 38, 2016.
R. Herzog and F. Ospald. Identification for short fiber reinforced plastics using optimal experimental design. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 16, 2016.