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Practical Lab SS 19 Practical Lab Numerical Simulation

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Under direction of
Dr. Margrit Klitz
Karina Kowalczyk
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Preliminary Meeting
29.03.2019, 10-12 c.t., room 2.038, Endenicher Allee 19B
Every friday, 10-12 c.t.
Room 2.038, Endenicher Allee 19B
During the preliminary meeting and via e-mail


One focus of research in the natural sciences and engineering is the analysis of fluid dynamical phenomena in liquids and gases. For this purpose the Navier-Stokes and Euler equations serve as a model. Since those partial differential equations are strongly nonlinear and nonlocal most of the time, an extensive understanding of these processes by means of purely analytical methods still eludes us to date. Numerical simulation on the other hand has grown to become a key technology that allows more and more realistic computations of complex three dimensional and time dependent scenarios, due to the rapid development of high performance computers (parallel clusters) paired with the use of efficient numerical algorithms.


In this practical lab the participants learn the mathematical background as well as the efficient numerical implementation on a computer. The lab is organized in several work sheets, each of which can be worked on for one to two weeks. Each work sheet will be introduced in a two hour long session first. In the following week further programming details and problems that have arisen will be discussed. The sheets are to be solved on your own on a computer, either individually or in a small group. Varying with the technical knowledge, that should take about 6 hours per week.


Blatt1: Framework and files for comparison