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Graduate Seminar on Scientific Computing

We will focus on efficient techniques for the numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDEs). Multiple and rather different aspects need to be considered to obtain a satisfactory time-to-solution for high-accuracy simulations. We will work with current research literature.

  • Implicit/explicit time integration
  • Block preconditioners for coupled PDEs
  • Mesh generation - differential geometry and computational topology
  • Adaptive mesh refinement - concepts, approaches, theory
  • Parallelization - concepts, problems, solutions

This is the link to the announcement including literature references.

The seminar takes place on Mondays at 3:00pm s.t. in room 5.002, Wegelerstr. 6.
We have two double shifts on December 2nd and 16th.
All talks need to be given in English.
The four (and only four and never more than four) page reports need to be turned in by February 15, 2014.

02.12.13P.S. Mesh generation: Introduction and coordinate transformations
02.12.13S.R. Meshes: Second derivatives and conservation laws
09.12.13J.H. Meshes: Time-dependent transformations and application to PDEs
16.12.13V.V. Mesh quality measures
16.12.13M.K. Metric identities and the spectral element method
13.01.14C.A. A-posteriori error estimation for elliptic PDEs
20.01.14F.V. Distributed parallelization of hanging-node adaptive meshes