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Graduate Seminar on Efficient Simulation

In this seminar we will investigate numerical methods for the simulation of viscous flow. This applies for example to the behavior of lava or ice. We will extend the treatment to the modeling of two-phase flow, where we have a mixture of air and water, or water and oil for example. In this case, we have to consider how the two phases are represented numerically, and how physical effects like surface tension can be taken into account.

Basic knowledge on interpolation, numerical quadrature, finite element methods for elliptic PDEs and saddle point systems will be advantageous.

This is the link to the announcement including literature references.

The seminar takes place on Mondays at 3:00pm c.t. in room 6.020, Wegelerstr. 6.

03.11.14EL Block preconditioners for saddle point systemsok
10.11.14CA The least-squares commutator preconditionerok
08.12.14NL Numerical methods for the advection-diffusion equationok
15.12.14NR The level set methodok
22.12.14LS Gradient augmented level set methodsok
12.01.15FR Numerical modeling of surface tensionok
17.01.15PH The arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) methodok