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Seminar WS 17/18 Graduate Seminar on Numerical Analysis

Optimal Transport: Modelling, Analysis, Numerical Approximation

Offered by
Dr. Matthias Erbar and Prof. Martin Rumpf

The seminar addresses students interested in computational aspects of optimal transport. Deeper knowledge of the underlying theory is no prerequisite. The seminar consists of selected introductory talks on the modeling and the analysis of optimal transport. The focus will be on different numerical methods for a robust and efficient numerical approximation of optimal transport maps and transport paths.

Dates during the term will be based on agreement.

A preliminary meeting is scheduled for 16:15 on Thursday, July 20th in the seminar room 2.025 at the Endenicher Allee 60.

seminar anouncement (PDF)


13.10.2017 Steffens Theory of optimal transport Erbar
20.10.2017 Braun Gradient Flows in the Wasserstein space Erbar
3.11.2017 Braun/Scheerer
10.11.2017 Scheerer Discrete optimal transport Simon
24.11.2017 Fink Modelling of crowd motion via OT Erbar
1.12.2017 Rajkovic Modelling of optimal traffic networks via OT Erbar
8.12.2017 Schmerling Numerical computation of transport plans/gradient flows via entropic regularization Simon
12.01.2018 Dyck Sparse Multi-Scale Algorithm Simon
19.01.2018 Tepavcevic Semi-discrete optimal transport Simon