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Lecture WS 17/18 Advanced Topics in Numerical Analysis

Numerical Methods in Uncertainty Quantification

Prof. Markus Bachmayr

In practice, input data for mathematical models are never precisely known, but subject to various types of uncertainties. These can arise, for instance, from measurement errors or from limited available information. The subject of this lecture are methods for quantifying the resulting uncertainties in model outputs.

The course focuses on recent advances in approaches based on probabilistic models of uncertainty. An important class of applications are PDE models with uncertain coefficients, where one aims to extract information on the probability distributions of solutions. In a Bayesian framework, one can also treat corresponding inverse problems, where distributions of coefficients are reconstructed from noisy partial measurements of solutions. Besides Monte Carlo-type methods based on random sampling, one can also consider purely deterministic approximations of probability distributions, which leads to high-dimensional approximation problems.

Planned contents

  • Probability measures on Banach spaces
  • Monte Carlo and related methods
  • Spectral approximations
  • Uncertainty propagation in PDE models
  • The Bayesian approach to inverse problems


The course assumes basic knowledge on probability theory and on partial differential equations.

Final Exam

Oral exam, by individual appointment.

Please choose from the following dates: February 5, 6, 26, 27. (Dates for a second attempt will be offered in the last week of March, i.e. 26th to 30th)

Subject matter of the exam: chapters 1, 2, and 3 of the lecture notes (i.e., chapter 4 is excluded)

Supporting materials

  • Introductory slides
  • Lecture notes, version of Feb 27,
    (thanks to Friedrich Klaus, Jakiw Pidstrigach, Katharina Schuh, and Angelina Steffens for pointing out typos and inconsistencies)
  • Slides on MCMC

Coding examples in Julia:

  • Overview of Julia [View][Download]
  • Random Sampling and a basic example of the Monte Carlo method [View] [Download]
  • Monte Carlo and conditioning for a basic 1D random boundary value problem [View] [Download]
  • Circulant embedding and multilevel Monte Carlo [View] [Download]
  • Spectral expansions for dependence on one random variable [View] [Download]
  • Stochastic Galerkin for dependence on one random variable [View] [Download]
  • Metropolis-Hastings for Bayesian inverse problems [View] [Download]

(To run the code in these notebooks yourself, you can either log in to JuliaBox and use them remotely after uploading them there, or install Julia and IJulia on your own machine by first downloading Julia from here and following the installation instructions here and here.)

When & where:

Mo 14 (c.t.) - 16 and Wed 8 - 10, Wegelerstr 6, SemR We 5.002


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