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Graduate seminar WS 21/22 Graduate Seminar on Numerical Simulation

Numerical methods for high-dimensional kinetic partial differential equations

Offered by
Prof. Michael Griebel
Johannes Rentrop
In this seminar, participants will prepare talks based on given literature on the topic of numerical methods for kinetic equations, such as Boltzmann, Fokker-Planck, Mori-Zwanzig equations and others. The key features are their high dimensionality and the fact that the unknowns are probability density functions, with some of the equations being stochastic PDEs. This requires careful numerical treatment in order to both reduce the dimensionality while preserving normalization and positivity of the probability distributions. Methods considered include Separated Series Expansions, BBGKY closures and ANOVA decompositions/Sparse Grids.
If you are interested, please register via e-mail to ed tod nnob-inu tod sni ta portnera tod b@foo tod de. The schedule is not yet fixed and will be created once the number of participants is known. There will be an initial (online) meeting to discuss the potential topics and research papers (beginning of October). Details to this meeting (Zoom link, time etc.) will be sent to those who sent an e-mail confirming their interest in the seminar. After that, the participants will be asked to suggest their top two or three choices, based on which we try to optimize and assign the topics to everyone.
Thursdays at 14:15
Zoom meetings most probably, links and details to be communicated via e-mail.