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Staff Dipl.-Math. Attila Caglar

Mr. Caglar has left the institute. This page is no longer maintained.

Contact Information

Please direct any correspondence to M. Griebel.

Research Projects:

Current Research Projects


  1. Numerische Simulation in der Moleküldynamik. Numerik, Algorithmen, Parallelisierung, Anwendungen. M. Griebel, S. Knapek, G. Zumbusch, and A. Caglar. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2003. BibTeX Link
  2. Molecular simulation of the influence of chemical crosslinks on the shear strength of carbon nanotube-polymer interfaces. S. J. V. Frankland, A. Caglar, D. W. Brenner, and M. Griebel. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 106(12):3046–3048, 2002. BibTeX
  3. On the numerical simulation of Fullerene nanotubes: C100.000.000C_{100.000.000} and beyond! A. Caglar and M. Griebel. In R. Esser, P. Grassberger, J. Grotendorst, and M. Lewerenz, editors, Molecular Dynamics on Parallel Computers, NIC, Jülich 8-10 February 1999. World Scientific, 2000. BibTeX PostScript
  4. Reinforcement mechanisms in polymer nanotube composites: simulated non-bonded and cross-linked systems. S. J. V. Frankland, A. Caglar, D. W. Brenner, and M. Griebel. In Proceedings of the MRS Fall Meeting. 2000. BibTeX PostScript
  5. Dynamic load-balancing of hierarchical tree algorithms on a cluster of multiprocessor PCs and on the Cray T3E. A. Caglar, M. Griebel, M. A. Schweitzer, and G. Zumbusch. In H. W. Meuer, editor, Proceedings 14th Supercomputer Conference, Mannheim, ISBN 3-932178-08-4. Mannheim, Germany, 1999. Mateo. SuParCup '99 Award Winning Paper, also as SFB 256 report 27. BibTeX PostScript PDF