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Staff Dr. Daniel Wissel

Mr. Wissel has left the institute. This page is no longer maintained.

Contact Information

E-Mail: ed tod nnob-inu tod sni ta lessiwa tod b@foo tod de

Research Interests

  • Dimensionality Reduction, Subspace Clustering, Intrinsic Dimension Estimation
  • High-dimensional Data Analysis, Concentration Phenomena

Completed Research Projects

ScaFaCoS - Scalable Fast Coulomb Solver

BMBF support program.



  1. Intrinsic Dimension Estimation using Simplex Volumes. D. Wissel. Dissertation, Institut für Numerische Simulation, Universität Bonn, 2017. BibTeX PDF
  2. Fast approximation of the discrete Gauss transform in higher dimensions. M. Griebel and D. Wissel. Journal of Scientific Computing, 55(1):149–172, 2013. Also available as INS Preprint No. 1111, 2011. BibTeX PDF DOI
  3. Die Diskrete Gauß-Transformation - schnelle Approximationsverfahren und Anwendungen in hohen Dimensionen. D. Wissel. Diplomarbeit, Institut für Numerische Simulation, Universität Bonn, apr 2008. BibTeX PDF