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Lecture SS 20 Wissenschaftliches Rechnen II

Scientific Computing II

Prof. Ira Neitzel
Contact for exercises
Fabian Hoppe

Any further information or communication regarding lecture and exercises will be provided on eCampus.


If you are interested in this class, please send an Email to Prof. Neitzel and also check this web page regularly for new information.


Course topics include finite-dimensional optimization and discretization strategies for differential equations, and a combination of both. Topics are motivated by applications. The course will have a focus on algorithmic aspects. Concepts of optimization theory and (functional) analysis will be reviewed as necessary during the lecture, and are no prerequisite.


Knowledge from calculus and linear algebra and some knowledge on numerics as for instance taught in introductory numerics classes.

Class materials and literature




according to BASIS:

  • Tuesday, 10-12
  • Thursday, 8-10.