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Graduate seminar SS 21 Graduate Seminar on Numerical Simulation

Printable Elastic Materials

Offered by
Prof. Martin Rumpf and Dr. Stefan Simon

The seminar will investigate two-scale elastic shape optimization problems. First, taking into account the theory of homogenization, we will study classical results on optimal microstructures. In particular, it will be discussed that elastic microstructures are characterized by lamination patterns. Recently, due to the impact of 3D printers, the question of printable two-scale structures has been addressed. In that respect, we will consider different approaches in the direction of printable microstructures.

The seminar accompanies the lecture course V5E5 Advanced Topics in Numerical Analysis with the topic of analysis and numerical analysis of homogenization, but participation in the lecture course is not mandatory.

There are still open talks! If you are interested, please contact S.Simon

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