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Staff Dr. Jose A. Fonseca

Mr. Fonseca is now at Maison de la Simulation, CEA Saclay. This page is no longer maintained.

Contact Information

E-Mail: ed tod nnob-inu tod sni ta acesnofa tod b@foo tod de


Winter semester 2018/19

Summer semester 2018

Winter semester 2016/17

See teaching activities of the whole group.

Completed Research Projects

High resolution parallel simulation of variably saturated flow with adaptive mesh refinement

Project D8, TR 32.



  1. An AMG saddle point preconditioner with application to mixed Poisson problems on adaptive quad/cube meshes. C. Burstedde, J. A. Fonseca, and B. Metsch., Jan 2019. BibTeX arxiv
  2. Enhancing speed and scalability of the ParFlow simulation code. C. Burstedde, J. A. Fonseca, and S. Kollet. Computational Geosciences, 22(1):347–361, 2018. BibTeX PDF DOI
  3. The simulation platform Parflow. C. Burstedde, J. A. Fonseca, and S. Kollet. In D. Brömmel, W. Frings, and B. J. N. Wylie, editors, JUQUEEN Extreme Scaling Workshop 2017, number FZJ-JSC-IB-2017-01 in JSC Internal Report, pages 37–42. Jülich Supercomputing Centre, 2017. BibTeX PDF