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S5B4 Graduate Seminar on Modeling and Simulation with PDEs

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Martin Rumpf

Topic: Analysis and Numerical Methods for thin elastic structures


In this seminar we will study thin elastic structures. The seminar will cover rigorous analysis from a calculus of variations perspective in the context of plates and shells and will introduce the participants into the numerical approximation of the resulting PDEs based on subdivision finite elements and on discrete exterior calculus.

Further information can be found here.


The seminar will take place as a block seminar on Friday, 10th of January 2014, and Friday, 24th of January 2014, in the seminar room SR 2.040 EA 60.
Date Time Speaker Title
January 10th 09.00 - 10.30 S. Schuster Bergou, Wardetzky, Robinson, Audoly, Grinspun, 2008, "Discrete Elastic Rods"
11.00 - 12.30 M. Pawelczyk Dziuk, Kuwert, Schaetzle, "Evolution of elastic curves in R^n: existence and computation"
14.00 - 15.30 T. Simon Mueller, Mora, 2003, "Derivation of the nonlinear bending-torsion theory for inextensible rods by Gamma-convergence"
January 24th 09.00 - 10.30 F. Ferulli Koiso, Norihito, 1996, "On the motion of a curve towards elastica"
11.00 - 12.30 B. Heeren "A review on discrete shell models"
14.00 - 15.30 R. Perl "Subdivision shell elements"