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P4E1 Practical Lab Numerical Simulation

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Martin Rumpf, Behrend Heeren, Ricardo Perl

In this practical lab numerical methods for thin elastic structures and efficient algorithms for variational problems in computer vision will be developed. The course accompanies the lecture course V5E1 and/or V5B3. Most of the development will take place during the class. Suitable templates for the algorithms will be provided. The programming is in C++.

The lab will start on Monday, 12nd of May at 1.15pm in the terminal room located in Z02.067.

Technical information can be found here. You will need this file to set up your local hg repository.

Problem sheets:

labsheet01 13.05.2013
labsheet02 27.05.2013
labsheet03 03.06.2013
labsheet04 10.06.2013
labsheet05 17.06.2013


You can find triangulations of the unit square under, where number = 1,...,8.