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This is an archived course. The content might be broken.


On July 13th, there will be a lecture instead of the exercise class.


Scientific Computing is a discipline of applied mathematics dealing with techniques and algorithms to numerically solve problems arising in e.g. engineering, natural sciences, or economics. The choice of topics in this lecture is based on the module handbook, with specific focus on saddle point problems, that arise for instance in optimization problems with additional constraints. Lectures on numerical mathematics, specifically numerical linear algebra and numerical optimization, are recommended.


Time: Tuesday 10:15-11:45 and Thursday 08:15-09:45
Room: Zeichensaal (Wegeler Str. 10).


Time: Thursday 16:00 - 17:30
Room: 5.002 Wegelerstr. 6

Exercise Sheets:

Exercises have to be turned in at the beginning of the lecture on Thursdays. Exercises may be turned in in groups of up to 2 students.

  1. blatt0.pdf
  2. blatt1.pdf
  3. blatt2.pdf
  4. blatt3.pdf
  5. blatt4.pdf
  6. blatt5.pdf
  7. blatt6.pdf
  8. blatt7.pdf Programming Exercise Updated
  9. blatt8.pdf
  10. blatt9.pdf
  11. blatt10.pdf

Final Exam:

Appointments for the final exam (oral) will be made individually by Prof. Dr. Neitzel. In order to qualify for the exam, you have to collect at least 50% of the points in all theoretical and programming exercises.